envisioned learning design llc

envisioned learning designs llc by phyllis l. trower

Distinctive performance and learning design strategies.  



"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

- Oliver Wendall Holmes


Design and build out Comprehensive Talent Development Strategy.   Detail each of the 4 P's; purpose, people, processes and projected outcomes across all phases of the Talent Lifecycle.  Phases include:  Attract, Recruit / Select, Onboard, Develop, Engage, Retain, Succession Plan.


Partner and collaborate with key stakeholders in the business to uncover and assess needs, formulate a clear picture of the desired state based upon desired outcomes.  Based upon these, map out goals, activities and requirements to drive the Talent Lifecycle for all levels in a team, business unit and / or organization.  Includes job profiling, role mapping, sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, skill development approaches and processes.


In addition to her leadership expertise, Phyllis possesses top notch analytical and consulting skills. She masterfully leverages and analyzes data to determine performance gaps during the analysis phase of a project and show ROI during the evaluation phase. She knows how to tell a compelling story with data to positively influence her business partners, team members and customers.

As a skilled consultant, Phyllis uses her background in ADDIE and Gilbert’s Behavioral Model to collaboratively work with business partners to identify opportunities for improvement and drive lasting behavioral changes. Phyllis takes the time to analyze and understand business issues in order to design and develop the optimal solution(s) that will effectively address the needs.
— Manager of Learning Technologies


Created European arm of Global Sales Training & Enablement

Established Corporate University in 2000 for 5000+ global employees

Established & executed Sales Methodology, Talent Assessments and Leader Coaching Processes

Built Corporate Sales Learning Organization.  

Built Talent Development and Analytics engine for global organization.

Influenced executive teams of stakeholders to make above investments which have been sustained YOY while exceeding budgetary and stakeholder expectations and goals.