envisioned learning design llc

envisioned learning designs llc by phyllis l. trower

Distinctive performance and learning design strategies.  



"It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality."

Harold S Geneen



Bridge and build cohesive sales enablement strategies across critical business functions which are or must be aligned to one single outcome;  achieving the financial objectives of the organization.



Remove obstacles, real or perceived, that get in the way.  Applying analysis models and fact-based problem solving techniques to uncover, expose and realign gaps.  Gaps can include bottlenecks, overlaps, misalignments, scope and role redundancies, inefficiencies; any and all factors that impede progress toward business outcomes.


Phyllis is excellent at building relationships and alliances with critical senior leadership. Her strong ability to articulate her vision and direction have driven alignment to instituting several high profile sales enablement training programs. Her ability to develop talent and drive transformation have been key success factors to execution of her vision and strategy. She approaches her strategic direction through the lens of impact on her internal and external customers.
— SVP Global Cust Svc


$1M above North America sales quota

2% - 6% increase in sales producers reaching quota YOY

3% growth over PY of declining and flat growth

Improved sales new hire retention rates by 14% (70 – 300 new hires per year)

Accelerated ramp up time to full productivity from 12 to 8 months or by 33%

Decreased initial intensive training immersion time from 12 to 6 weeks or by 50%