envisioned learning design llc

envisioned learning designs llc by phyllis l. trower

Distinctive performance and learning design strategies.  

do these statements describe you?

          Are you...

          Are you...

tired of the current reality?

frustrated with your current performance growth, trends and results?

disillusioned with the myriad of training and / or technology solutions and actions that have failed to solve the presenting issues?

           Do you....

          Do you....

distrust silver-bullet claims?

disbelieve the magical characteristics of the famed silver bullet?

intrinsically believe that one needs to "dig deep and wide" to uncover the root cause of performance deficits?

           Do you...

          Do you...

embrace bold thinking?

believe in the power of insights?

want to test the status quo?

experiment with options and possibilities?

want to shape a new reality?


If you are thinking "yes" to any of these, let's have a conversation.  Just click the Reach Me link.

Collaborative Yet Unique Thinking Yields Rich Results

like wine and cheese, pen and paper or football and tailgating,  the world is full of things that just seem to be go well together.  They complement each other.  I am interested in working with people whose approach and thinking is complementary to my own because I believe therein lies the power of the collaborative journey.